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Bring a Little Magic into Someone’s Life – Become a Big

In our own lives, each of us was touched by someone -other than our parents- who introduced us to new worlds, and brought a little magic into our lives…catching fireflies for the first time, flying a kite, a first trip to the ballpark, building sandcastles at the beach, eating an ice cream sundae. As a Big Brother or Big Sister, you can do that too: celebrate the joy of everyday moments, and bring magic into a child’s life-moments where you get back as much as you give, and know you enrich a life just by being there. Big Brothers Big Sisters is about Little Moments, Big Magic.

Bigs Role

  • A friend
  • A role model
  • A listener
  • A resource & guide
  • An instructor
  • A member of a team – you are not alone!!

Big Brothers Big Sisters are people from our community who want to be a good role model for young children.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a mentor!

Become a Volunteer!