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Ranger Rick:

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Phone holder video:

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25 Coolest Science Experiments You Can Do at Home for Kids:

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10 Virtual Ideas to Connect with Friends and Family:

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Audible is offering 100s of free titles:

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Hazleton Public Library is offering the first level access for Rosetta Stone for FREE:

Other ways to communicate and chat for free:

  • Skype
  • Facetime
  • Zoom
  • Facebook Video Chat
  • Google Hangout

Other ideas:

  • Matches can play video games together and talk virtually in game on multiplayer
  • Matches can have a “bake off” where they make something simple in the kitchen with the Little’s parents for supervision
  • Some nursing homes are also asking kids to color or draw pictures for patients staying there and send them in to brighten their days since no visitors are allowed.
  • Hazleton Area Public Library Facebook page posts a few videos a day including librarians reading books or chapters of books, doing crafts (making a sugar scrub and having a spa day), and even cooking (making rice pudding and reading a bilingual book version of the recipe arroz con leche)
  • Start to receive emails from They send a weekly email about 5 local things to do over the weekend. Now because we cannot do anything, their email is 5 things to do at home (this week featured reading a book as a family, baking cookies from scratch, cleaning out a drawer or shelves, writing a letter, or planning a scavenger hunt)
  • Encourage virtual playdates.   With social isolation upon us, virtual play dates will become the new norm, at least for a while. Fortunately, your kids can connect with their friends over Google Hangouts, create stories and scripts together over Google Docs, play Minecraft multiplayer online while watching or listening to each other over FaceTime or play the Prodigy Math game in a multiplayer gaming world.
  • Draw Something Game
  • Words with Friends Game
  • Email one another
  • Read a book together and discuss it
  • Watch the same movie or show and talk about your favorite parts.
  • Decide on a new talent/skill to work on (e.g. art, reading)
  • Discuss the positive parts of the day and what you each are thankful for
  • Create a list of future outing ideas, which can be something to look forward to
  • Ask your Little, “What emotions are you feeling right now? What can I do to be a good friend to you?” Let them know, “You’re not alone.”
  • Write letters or personalized cards and mail them – send a stamp so your Little is able to respond easily
  • Create a story together and take turns adding small pieces