Mentoring has been proven as an effective way to improve academic performance and school engagement, while increasing positive community engagement. MANY’s Mentoring+ project – the Mentoring Enhancement Initiative –  supports six organizations in six states in developing or enhancing their mentoring programs in three identified program areas:

1. The involvement of parents/caregivers in the project and provision of services for them.

2. The delivery of structured activities and programs for the mentoring match.

3. The implementation or expansion of ongoing training and mentoring support.

Additionally, MANY provides  the member organizations with coordinated training, individualized technical assistance, and support services through a hands-on, innovative model.  Big Brothers Big Sisters of The Bridge is proud to be a part of this initiative.  Any Big Brother or Big Sister volunteer with Big Brothers Big Sisters of The Bridge interested in the Mentoring Enhancement Initiative is encouraged to discuss the program with their caseworker.