Big Kisha and Little Reagan


Matched since 2021

Big Sister Kisha and Little Reagan were matched in October of 2021 and are from the Northumberland County. Both started their match with an open mind as to what was to come from their relationship. “Becoming a part of the program, I was really just hoping that whoever it was, it would be a meaningful relationship and I was going to be able to make a difference” – Big Kisha. Reagan was nervous yet excited to begin this new relationship, in hopes of a healthy and supportive person which she could confide in. Since then, Kisha and Reagan’s relationship has proven to be strong and positive.

One of their favorite memories is when Kisha urged Reagan to ask the cashier at the Crocs store about the correct name for the accessory “gems”. They enjoy their time together and a funny memory for Kisha was when she first used Reagan’s Virtual Reality headset and started to freak out because it was only playing scary images.

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