Big Brodey and Little Henry


Matched since 2020

Big Brodey and Little Henry have been in the Lycoming BBBS Site based program since 2020. Brodey was a high school Big and recently graduated from high school. Upon graduation, Brodey decided that he wanted to continue the match relationship and thus were transferred to our community model. A positive relationship had developed between Brodey and Henry so much that they wanted to continue.

Henry is a very special young man that unfortunately has experienced a lot of hardship in his life. His father passed away in 2017 from cancer. Henry was very affected by his father’s death and talked about wanting to be a Fireman just like him. Henry loves to ride by the fire station and say hello to all the fireman who knew his father. Henry knows the different sirens in town and knows which belongs to what station. Despite Henry’s unpleasant life events, he is very resilient which is very impressive. Henry however was missing a positive male role model in his life and was perfect for Big Brothers Big Sisters program. He immediately formed a connection with his Big Brother, Brodey who shares the same traits, kindness, compassion, interests etc. Henry loves playing with cars, riding his bike through puddles, looking for snakes, and playing with his friends.

Henry has been positively impacted by the Big Brother Big Sister Program. His goal is to be a mentor himself when he reaches his junior year in High School. The program would be fortunate to have Henry as a volunteer in the years to come.

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